At Hallam Oak and Pine Limited we strive to make your shopping experience a pleasant and rewarding one. We clearly detail our Terms and Conditions of trading, which are offered in addition to your statutory rights.

If you have any further questions please contact our customer support team.


You can place an order via our website following the prompts given or by calling us on 07904694793/01142631148

Once you have placed an order you will be contacted via e-mail within 24hours (or next working day) with details of your order and further information.

Hallam Oak & Pine will store your data securely and it will not be passed to any third parties.

The successful placement of your order is deemed your acceptance of these terms & conditions. Completion of the contract between you and us will take place upon the commencement of the build process, unless we have notified you that we do not accept your order or should you choose to cancel in accordance with the Returns & Cancellation Policy detailed below within these Terms & Conditions. In the unlikely event that we are unable to accept your order, we will notify you as soon as possible. Non-acceptance of an order may be as a result of one of the following:

1. A product pricing or description error
2. Our inability to obtain authorisation for your payment.
We reserve the right to modify or withdraw temporarily or permanently this website or any part thereof with or without notice to you.

Once you have set up your account with us as part of the order process, you will be able to access your order details from our website. Details of how to set up your login can be found at Order Tracking.


All prices displayed on our site are inclusive of VAT and exclusive of delivery charges. Payment can be made through PayPal or by BACS payment or through cash payment on delivery. You can pay for items in Pound Stirling.

Delivery Charges

We charge £20.00 per item for any delivery within the Sheffield and surrounding area region. Charges are capped at £20/item no matter how many items you purchase. For other delivery requirements to mainland UK – Delivery requirements and costs can be discussed at the point of sale.
Our Current Delivery Exceptions Are KW, IV, AB, PH, DD, PA, BT, LD, SA, TR, PL, EX, TQ, Isle of Man, & The Isle of Wight. We are very sorry but we cannot deliver to the listed Postcode areas unless arranged with us in advance before purchasing.

Delivery Times

Our custom build approach means that lead delivery times can vary. High quality furniture takes time to craft and we are happy to give you our best estimate of delivery time when you order. We will deliver your furniture to you as quickly as possible, but during busy periods please allow up to 30 business days (6 weeks) from payment to dispatch. While you are waiting for your custom-made furniture to arrive, our friendly team will always be on hand to discuss any problems you may have, and keep you up to date with the manufacture process.


The 14-day peace of mind guarantee

In addition to your statutory rights as a consumer, Hallam Oak and Pine Limited also offers a free, 14-day peace of mind guarantee. Let us know within 14 days from the date of delivery if you are not totally satisfied with your standard purchase and we will collect it with no questions asked. This offer however excludes bespoke items of furniture made to your specifications and/or colour which meet the required brief when commissioned.

In return we will issue a credit note for the furniture, less our costs for collecting*.

This offer only applies to goods that are undamaged and in re-salable condition.

*Collection will be charged out at the full delivery cost indicted during the original ordering process.

Find out more about our excellent delivery services.


If you wish to cancel your order you can do so in writing, either by emailing us at or by post to Hallam Oak and Pine Limited, 683 Ecclesall Road, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S11 8TG, or by calling 01142631148. We aim to respond to your request within 2 working days to confirm the cancellation, any refund due and collection details if goods have already been delivered.

Order cancellations received after the order has left our factory but before delivery has been attempted will incur a £20.00 fee to return the goods to our factory. If the cancellation is received after attempted delivery, there will be a collection charge at the full delivery cost indicated during the original ordering process.

Errors & Omissions

We endeavour to ensure that all the information displayed on our web site is accurate. We cannot accept responsibility for any information contained within our site, or for the contents of any links from our site. Product images are for illustration purposes only and actual products may differ from those shown. Product descriptions and specifications are meant as a guide only and cannot be guaranteed accurate. In the unlikely event that an item is priced incorrectly, we reserve the right to withdraw the item from sale at any point prior to dispatch. If you are unsure about the information supplied on any product, please email our customer services team using the contacts email form.

At Hallam Oak and Pine we’re still a small family owned and run business with a clear focus on customer service and we really appreciate your confidence in placing an order with us – we always aim for 100% customer delight, and we’d like to think our feedback shows we get it right the vast majority of the time. Of course, things occasionally go wrong and so we need this bare minimum of small print to keep you safe yet protect our own rights too. Please do read this brief section, it’s part of the agreement between us when you buy, is posted on all our sites and we send links to it when processing orders.

Your Order as a Contract

Your order is a legally binding contract even if you have only paid a deposit; and, under this contract you and we have rights and obligations. Our aim is not only to always respect your statutory rights but wherever possible go further, and of course if you are in doubt about any of them please do seek independent advice, especially where your obligations to us as manufacturers and retailers are concerned. When you order from us we’ll send a written acknowledgement by email confirming the details of your order and providing you with reference numbers. Please check this confirmation carefully as it tells you what we will be building, finishing or supplying for you.

Guarantees Including Repairs, Returns and Refunds of Damaged or Faulty Goods

A substantial body of statutory protection governs this area, particularly the Sale of Goods Act 1979, many websites and all consumer protection bodies will offer advice and assistance. You have an absolute right to expect that the goods we supply are of satisfactory quality in relation to the price paid, are as described or for bespoke pieces as specified in the order agreed between us, and are fit for the purpose for which they are sold. We warranty that the pieces we sell are free of any defect in material or workmanship and guarantee that they will remain so for 12 months from the time of delivery provided that the items have not been misused, damaged or in some other way improperly cared for.

Please tell us straight away if anything is wrong or goes wrong, we’ll work with you to put it right. On occasions, simple words of advice or customer fitting of supplied basic replacement parts may be all that is needed, on others we may use a handyman local to you at our expense or make a service call ourselves. In thankfully extremely rare more serious cases we may collect the goods for repair in our factory, exchange them, negotiate a financial settlement with you or uplift them for refund in line with those rights which both you and we have.
Please don’t worry if you don’t notice something that concerns you until after our van has left, we won’t hide behind the small print and won’t be happy until you are, so, just let us know and we’ll work together to solve the problem. And lastly, unless we’ve agreed up front, please don’t try to alter or correct anything yourself, we can’t accept goods back if any changes have been made to them without our consent.


Buying Solid Wood Furniture

We only use fine quality solid timbers whether in rough sawn, PSE or board form (pine or oak boards are solid timbers supplied in pre-glued panels as a stable labour saving aid in furniture building). All timber has natural features such as knots, pith and shakes (small cracks) which are part of the natural beauty of the material and are not faults, customers unwilling to accept them may be better served by synthetic materials or veneers. As a natural material, wood, will react to heat and moisture in its surroundings and so on occasions our pieces may need some minor adjustment as they settle to the environment of your home. This too is a natural process and any issues arising from sticking drawers or stiff doors should quickly resolve themselves, if they don’t we’ll happily deal with them during a service call. No two pieces of timber are the same so expect slight variations in grain or shade, especially where horizontal and vertical surfaces meet as light will reflect from them differently, just like shading on carpet pile. Please remember too that when working in solid wood there may be some very minor residual and unreachable glue marks, and sometimes we will carefully have to use a small amount of filler – not a problem for companies using veneers or for us when we paint, but equally not a defect of visible in waxed or lacquered pieces. Timbers sizes change slightly when being milled and in our factory so all the sizes we give are nominal, subject to variation within manufacturing tolerance due to natural movement in the material, the width of our commercial saw blades and the sanding process. Finally, our pieces are handcrafted so expect small variations in spacing around or between doors and drawers which may increase or decrease slightly as the piece reacts naturally to changes in room temperature or humidity.


When giving measurements either in a listing or for a bespoke quotation we follow the long-established industry-wide convention of giving maximum external sizes in height (h) x width (w) x depth (d) order. In almost all of our pieces, base plinths and tops or covings are the same size so the measurements given are effectively the footprint of the furniture, the actual space taken up on the floor of your home. Internal measurements such as cupboard spaces and shelf depths will of course be different to the external sizes given and just occasionally we may use an outsize cornice or coving so that top and bottom sizes don’t match – when this happens we’ll say so in the listing or quotation. For most adjustable shelves, we give a choice of three settings using cups or sockets that are usually 50 mm or 2” apart, and in standard bookcases these settings are in turn 250 mm or 10” apart from their equivalent neighbour for the next shelf up or down. These measurements may vary very slightly depending on the jig used, and of course we’re always happy to change settings on request, for example to suit files, tall books or CDs. For tall standard design corner bookcases, we follow the conventions of the kitchen and fitted furniture industry by measuring out along the back from wall corners to work out the overall size required in your room but only build to and charge for the resulting lesser width across the front of each leg of the piece from outer edge to mitred right-angled meeting point, so no charge of course for the small void created behind the mitre.

About Your Floors

All solid wood furniture, especially heavy pieces like our own built from premium grade materials, will settle to the floor of your home. If the floor is uneven or out of true it may affect the furniture placed on it so, for example, doors may not meet neatly when closed. If you tell us in advance there may be a problem we can build in adjustable feet to avoid it or use snap off wedges to resolve it. In each case, we are not dealing with a defective piece but rather trying our best to give outstanding customer service by compensating for a problem floor.

Delivery and Installation Including Lead Times and Time Slots

Your order acknowledgement will include a best estimate given in good faith of how long it may take to reach you. We also provide links to detailed information about how our system works. Around two weeks before we expect to deliver, and as part of our logistical planning, we’ll contact you again by email offering a provisional delivery date with time slot, and will confirm it nearer the day providing contact details for our crew who are expected to phone when 30 minutes away or keep in touch as needed on the actual day. However, please keep in mind that none of these arrangements form part of the contract between us, we give detailed explanations of why this cannot be the case on our website. Life on the road is hard and vans sometimes will run late for reasons that are beyond our control so under no circumstances will we be held liable or subject to stricture for any consequential losses arising from a late or missed delivery.

We aim to offer the best possible delivery service, a virtual white gloves placement in the room of your choice using a two-man crew so no curbside pallets or doorstep signatures from us. All we ask in return is that you give careful thought to any access problems there might be both in reaching your home with our van and in reaching your room of choice with the pieces ordered. Please don’t expect our crews to carry heavy loads barefoot, negotiate difficult twists or turns without help, or cope with slippery floor surfaces and cluttered stairways. Just as we need you to help us to keep them safe, please keep in mind you have a responsibility to protect your possessions, floors and carpets – temporarily move vulnerable ornaments for example, use covers as needed and provide safe resting places for heavy furniture whilst grips are adjusted. Our experienced crews will exercise all possible care, but we cannot bear responsibility for any proximate or consequential losses arising during delivery.

Cancellations and Refunds of Non-Faulty Goods Including Statutory Returns

A substantial body of statutory protection governs this area too, particularly the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000, many websites and all consumer protection bodies will help. Many companies will argue that selection of a colour preference enables them to evade the spirit of the legislation here, but our view is that if a customer has bought a standard listed piece through any of our online sites and finds it is not suitable for their use within seven days of delivery then we’ll treat that as a statutory rejection and accept the piece back for full refund. In most circumstances, we’ll assist in collecting the piece and will always try to minimise or reduce any collection or delivery costs for our customer, often waiving our right to payment in straightforward low cost cases. Naturally we are entitled to expect that goods intended for refund must be in perfect condition just as originally delivered and fit for resale.

Special Provisions for Bespoke Items

Under the legislation, products built, specifically altered or adapted for you cannot be refused, returned or refunded unless they are defective or have been damaged in transit. Where defects and damage are slight we will exercise our absolute right to make reasonable repairs and redeliver the goods. Agreement to these provisions is a fundamental pre-condition of us accepting bespoke business from our customers. Please note that there is no right of return if we have built to customer measurements and the piece won’t fit in the desired location or access to the room of choice is impossible – measure twice, cut once is the old saying. Special provisions also apply to cancellations affecting bespoke orders, but we’ve decided to waive our protection there and will cancel and refund up until the point when we cut the timber, quite literally our point of no return and one beyond which we insist on our right to be paid.

Looking After Our People

As responsible and caring employers, we have a duty of care to all our people and will not tolerate incidents of verbal or physical abuse whether arising online, by phone or in person.

Courts and Venues

We’ve never been anywhere near a courtroom or heard from a trading standards office, never had a credit card dispute or suffered a chargeback. We’re proud of this and always aim to conduct ourselves in ways that make such drastic action unnecessary, but in the event of any dispute arising that can’t be resolved through goodwill and negotiation then it is clearly understood that all our transactions and any issues arising from them are governed by laws pertaining in England and Wales, and any proceedings under them by ourselves or others will be commenced at or transferred to County Courts in Sheffield.

Company Details

Hallam Oak and Pine Limited
683 Ecclesall Road, Sheffield
South Yorkshire
S11 8TG
t: 01142631148 or 07904694793

VAT Number: 130513268